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Friday, 21 July 2017


A teenage girl molested again and again.
By the person, who's blood is in her vein.
Can't share her problem, trapped.
A clean soul, by a demon continuously wrapped.
Tired, depressed, told her mother about it.
Didn't believe her, searched a blade from first aid kit.
She want it end this.
Precious moments, she gonna miss.
"Stop it's your life" said the inner voice.
Still you wanna do this, it's your choice.
Recorded an audio clip, proved her mother wrong.
In a harsh desert there is a pong pong.
Her father, behind the bar.
The girl now knows life's par.

By-Himanshu Tobaria

Monday, 17 July 2017


He saw hurt in her eyes,
But he did not wish to assuage it.

By-Himanshu Tobaria

Thursday, 13 July 2017


If you'll love someone, they'll leave.
After that incident, this is what I believe.

If you'll love your pet, one day it'll die.
You'll cry, that would be your hardest goodbye.

If you'll love your siblings, they'll apart.
 Probably, not even include you in family chart.

If you'll love your god, fog.
Some loves fraud, treats their parents as dog.

If you'll love yourself, you'll live.
Whatever you want, life will give.

If you'll love your parents, they'll never leave.
Motivation, love and positivity,  you'll always recieve.

By-Himanshu Tobaria

Saturday, 8 July 2017


Tera gulaam sa bnke, reh gya tha.
Gusse mein bht kuch, keh gya tha.
Dekha, to akela reh gya tha.
Bewafai or akelapn, m sb seh gya tha.
Mtlbipn mein, beh gya tha.
Tu meri nhi, keh gya tha.
Tere mere beech kch nhi, reh gya tha.
Pyaar bht kiya pr dhoke k kichd mein deh gya tha.

By-Himanshu Tobaria

Thursday, 6 July 2017


So, my love story ended.
Plane named break up, has just landed.

By-Himanshu Tobaria


Silence and pain.
Love and anger running through my vein.
Silence and pain.
Quality of not loving, I've gain.
Silence and pain.
I'm a passenger of 'Single', named train.

By-Himanshu Tobaria

Wednesday, 5 July 2017


''My creative mind does not allow me to sleep''.

ByHImanshu Tobaria