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Friday, 2 December 2016

An Eleven-year-old Boy

New story.
Coming soon.
Stay tuned.
            By-Himanshu Tobaria

Sunday, 27 November 2016


Everyone has a secret talent .
But not everyone discovers it.
               By-Himanshu Tobaria

Friday, 25 November 2016


Ek dhundli yaad ban k rhe gyi h tu.
Ye sach h tere bina aaj bhi zinda hu.

Chahe ho dhundli tu , yaad krta hu tujhe.
Shayad tu bhi roe yaad krke mujhe.

Ab toh h pyaar mujhe iss kalam se yaar.
Iss kalam se krugaa apne ishq ko taar-taar.

Jo naa de paai tu , vo mil rha h pura.
Tere bina jee liya , par kalam k bina ho jauga adhura.

Tere naam se tha badnaam ,  iss kalam se milli nyi pehchaan.
Tera to kuch nhi , kaise chukauga iss kalam ka ehsaan.

Tune choda to ho gya awara , tb iss kalam ne mujhe sambhala.
Nikli mere dil se tu , tb iss kalam ne dil pe dora daala.

         By-Himanshu Tobaria 

Thursday, 24 November 2016


Look into my eyes baby ,  I've nothing to loose.
      By-Himanshu Tobaria 
I trusted her more than she deserved.
                   By-Himanshu Tobaria 

Sunday, 20 November 2016


Today I saw a magnificent bird.
Never seen it anywhere , I've only heard(about it)
     By-Himanshu Tobaria

Your Sincerely MKC

We both were like best friends.
I wanted to make her my girlfriend.

Regular handshake was common between us.
At a corner I stay for seeing her in the bus.

There were some feelings for her in me.
The friendship between us was the reason to glee.

Finally on a nice day I proposed her.
She refused my love was murdered.

After this I was feeling lonely.
She came close to me and said "Friends Only".

         By-Himanshu Tobaria