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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Those Eyes

Those eyes makes me fall for her.
   By-Himanshu Tobaria

Monday, 16 January 2017

Hamari Adhuri Kahani

Yaad aati hai mujhe tumhari mere yaar.
Kyunki kar baitha mein tumse pyaar.

Yaad hai vo pal.
Lagta hai jaise mille the ham kal.

Jab mille the ham peheli baar.
Tumne kaha tha tum hi ho mere asli yaar.
Aur mene kha tha tum hi ho mere asli pyaar.

Yaad hai vo jgah jaha milte the ham rojana.
Mera to aaj bhi hai vha aana jaana.

Jab mene kiya tumhe apne dil ka ishaar.
Pehele kiya tumne inkaar, par mein jaanta tha tumhe bhi hai mujhse pyaar.

Shuru hui hamari prem kahani.
Aur maan ne lga mein tumhe apne dil ki rani.

Tum thi mere sath zindagi ki har dagar.
Mujhe lagne lga tha tum hi ho mere zindagi ki hamsafar.

Chali gyi jab tum.
Ho gya mein gum sum.

Jisse maanta tha mein hamari puri kahani.
Ban gyi vo hamari adhuri kahani.

      By-Himanshu Tobaria

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Best Day

Saw you today, my best day.
You were looking gorgeous, I must say.
         By-Himanshu Tobaria

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

My Love Story

One lie can take your relationship.
One truth can make your relationship.

A person that loves you, clean soul.
Maybe best among the all.

Found the prettiest girl, he had ever seen.
She was so beautiful, her beauty was evergreen.

Proposed her, said "Yes" to him.
Pair completed, mobile and sim.

Relationship started, he loved her like anything.
She said, "He is respectful, loving and a great human being".

Then a break came, love tamed.
For no reason, the boy was famed.

"You don't trust me".
Furiously said she.

"Sorry" was the last word of both.
In his own world, he was locked.

Last time he tried, "Are you coming back".
She said she'll patch up, his emotions were unlock.

He said, "Don't patch up", I don't want.
I ask you, is this a taunt?

"I still love you", she said.
Boy fall on his bed.

"I know you love me so much.........I don't want anything", she said.
On her birthday he'll gift her a big ted.

      By-Himanshu Tobaria

Sunday, 8 January 2017


What I love is PO+ETRY.
What I hate is LIFE without F.
  By-Himanshu Tobaria


Get ready for school.
Holidays are over you fool.

Now again all that old stuff.
Boy's narrow pent, girl's puff.

Some old bad teachers face.
Not all, some of them have grace.

Sports teacher or you can say conductor ae!!!!
Ghost for all who love there bae.

But all I love the most.
Will meet some new friends who were lost.

        By-Himanshu Tobaria

What I Want

Fakeness is what you do.
Love is what I want.
Ignorance is what you do.
Attention is what I want.
Attitude is what you show.
Love is what I wanna show.
 By-Himanshu Tobaria