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Thursday, 16 March 2017

I want this to happen with me.
A small kid asked me to tell him a story, I told him, ''There was a girl and boy, both were strangers but keeping all things aside, boy proposed her, they came in relation, fought a lot but the love between them was eternal". After hearing this, little boy said in a sleepy voice, ''Enough for today grandfather".

By-Himanshu Tobaria

Saturday, 11 March 2017

My Favourite Unplugged

When you were a stranger. You were just like an ordinary song. But when I started knowning you, that ordinary song changed into an extraordinary unplugged. Which became my favourite.

By-Himanshu Tobaria

Sunday, 5 March 2017


Telling the truth, I don't know why I proposed.
It all started from a message ending with "Self composed".

Didn't noticed when I started waiting for your messages.
Started sending my poems, they were just like unseen passages.

Nothing, just last seen and profile.
K..... B..... repeating in opera of my mobile.

Don't know why I proposed you.
Didn't expected, you'll say I love you too.

In starting everything was fake.
"I need some time", I said you can take.

One week was a joke.
Again and again started to poke.

Finally on 6 Jan, you fell for me.
I was, sorry I am happy, let me be.

Well the truth is I m in love with you.
A request, just love me like you do.

By-Himanshu Tobaria



Saturday, 4 March 2017

Rishabh My Brother

An inspiration for all other lovers.
Somewhere sad, but his feelings he covers.

Most entertaining person in my friend zone.
Mission ''Saving Relationship'', he has taken on his own.

Two words describe him the best.
Emotional and sensible, best (lover) among the rest.

He himself an artist, respect all other artists.
A good writer but Dance top name in his every list.

Fought a lot but got defeated.
He could, but he never cheated(ANYONE)

Every problem in his life is testing him.
Like a thin boy who is a trainer at a gym.

By-Himanshu Tobaria


Thursday, 23 February 2017

Himanshu Tobaria

Didn't expected that himanshutobaria would be a password for someone.
   By-Himanshu Tobaria 

Thursday, 16 February 2017

My Time

Read some poems felt inspired.
I write what I feel, I m not a liar.

Some says try something new.
Some says, ''Ask yourself who are you ?''.

Some loves me and some hates me like hell.
Thanks all of you, a girl ringed my heart's bell.

Worked a little on my poetry.
Support was good just like a lottery.

My friend said, ''Every artist have high and low time''.
Low time checks you, both gives feel to make rhymes.

This is my time it's up to me how I take.
Feel comes really from my heart, my feel is not fake.

Just like in starting, I'll work hard.
It would be my efforts, who'll act as a card.(To Success)

  By-Himanshu Tobaria 


My Love

Kind, loving, beautiful you are.
My best partner in a 2 seater car.

Happy with you.
Not reason to sue.

U are the best gift.
On my mind, your adorable lips.

Sundar in hindi beautiful in english.
I love the way you shish (me)

Honey my nickname.
I think got some fame.

I love you, noticed first line?
Another question how was your valentine?

   By-Himanshu Tobaria